Children spend more time in front of screens instead of outdoors – it is our mission is to get kids back outside. As many children as possible. It is our aim to make outdoor play as easy and accessible for kids as possible and have fun.

MiniBeee is strong in customizing and makes the products suitable for any disired place, indoor and outdoor! We would love to hear your ideas to create a suitable piece of furniture together with you.


At Mini beee, we have created a range of handmade outdoor children’s furniture which is safe, durable, toxin-free and is delightfully luxurious. All of this has been achieved in a process which is fully sustainable. Our entire range of environmentally conscious furnishings are created to order, forming bespoke pieces which compliment outdoor spaces.
As parents, we want the best for our children. We want to encourage them to discover and enjoy the great outdoors in all its wonder. At the same time, we feel infinitely more at ease knowing that they are playing in a safe space. That feeling is what has driven us to create this balance in our furniture - it is at once natural and safe, child-friendly and yet a stunning garden feature piece in-and-of itself.


Construction work was halted during the economic crisis around 2010.In order to earn money, the planks of the scaffolding were used to make garden furniture.This is where the term scaffolding comes from, so it is a misconception that scaffolding wood is a separate type of wood. Scaffolding wood is pine wood that is most commonly used in construction.



At "MiniBeee" we produce our furniture exclusively from sustainably cut wood. We make sure that all the wood we use is FSC / PEFC certified. We strive to make our footprint in this world as small as possible.


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The Modern Parent's Guide to Custom Wooden Kids Furniture

You know how we all strive to give our little ones a space that's as unique as their adorable personalities? Well, let's explore why bespoke wooden children's furniture is not just a nice-to-have, but a must-have for the modern, style-conscious family. Quality that lasts (just like your love) First, let's talk about durability. We all want the best for our little ones, don't we? Those off-the-shelf pieces may be quick fixes, but bespoke wooden furniture is the kind of love that lasts forever. We're talking quality hardwoods that will stand the test of time - because, let's face it, our kids aren't always the gentlest of creatures. Tailor-made for the tiniest of overlords Got a little princess or adventurer at home? Bespoke sizes mean their castle or command centre will fit just right, no matter how oddly shaped their lair may be. It's like finding the perfect pair of jeans, but for their room! Designs that inspire dreams Imagine a bed that doubles as a pirate ship or a wardrobe

Posted: November 20, 2023
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Playing outside with your kids
Playing together with your children provides a huge energy boost. It has been proven that playing outside increases energy levels. So don't fall asleep on the couch with a cappuccino, but go outside and play soccer with your children. The combination of physical activity without obligations gives you a nice boost for a long time.
Posted: January 26, 2022
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5 simple tips for years of enjoyment from your (scaffolding) wooden outdoor furniture
The keep your Mini Beee furniture as beautiful as possible it is important to prevent the furniture from weathering. With a little maintenance, you can keep your kids furniture in the best condition possible for many years to come.
Posted: January 26, 2022