During the economic crisis around 2010, construction was at a standstill. To earn money, the planks from the scaffolding were used to make garden furniture. This is where the term scaffolding wood comes from It is therefore a misconception that scaffolding wood is a separate type of wood. Scaffold wood is pine that is most commonly used in construction. Since 2010, we have been the first company to produce scaffoldwood furniture on a large scale. The advantage of this is that we can buy our wood directly from large sawmills in Europe. We therefore only produce furniture made of A-quality wood, fully FSC PEFC certified.


Wood is strong, light, easy to work with and has a natural character. Each board, beam or post is unique - a 100% durable product. We like to work with scaffolding wood, Douglas fir, oak and pine. The wood products are made in our workshop in the Netherlands! Mini Beee is strong in customisation and makes the products suitable for any location, indoors and outdoors! Garden, seaside terraces and beautiful campsites, everything is possible. We would love to hear your ideas to design a suitable piece of furniture together with you.


At Mini Beee, we have been aware of the world's climate problems for years. In 2014, we launched our internal programme 'Sustainable Management'. The aim of this programme is to strive for 100% sustainable businesses. This means monitoring not only our own production, but also our suppliers. This starts, of course, with good forest management. If the wood is not FSC/PEFC certified, it does not come to us. We work 95% directly with sawmills that can issue these certificates. The remaining 5% comes from trading companies that are FSC/PEFC certified. We can therefore proudly say that we use 100% FSC/PEFC-certified wood. For our own production, we strive for 100% energy-neutral production. We take great care not to waste energy: Where no one is, no light needs to be on. We are also proud that we no longer use gas. For the coming years, we are working on making our fleet completely electric. Of course, we also want our suppliers to switch to electricity.