Image: The idea came from Marjolein Ekkelboom. We explained it in detail to Dall.E who created it for us.

Outdoor Fun Helps Creativity Grow
When kids play outside, they use their imagination a lot. They think of new games and learn from everything around them, like plants, animals, and the weather.

Less Screen Time, More Dream Time
Too much time looking at screens can stop kids from thinking of new ideas. Playing outside helps them to think and make up their own stories.

Moving and Thinking
Running and playing games outside helps kids think quickly and come up with creative solutions.

Nature is a Good Teacher
Outside, kids face new things that they don't see on a computer. This teaches them in a fun and natural way.

Life Without Screens
It's good for kids to spend less time with screens and more time outside. This helps them enjoy both technology and the big, beautiful world.
Let's help our kids turn off their screens and go out to explore. Their creative minds can do amazing things with a little sunshine and space to play.

Do you have stories about how playing outside has helped kids be creative? Please feel free to share them with us!