At Mini Beee, we have been aware of the world's climate problems for years. Internally, we therefore started our "sustainable business" programme back in 2014. The aim of this programme is to strive for 100% sustainable business. This means looking not only at our own production but also at our suppliers. Of course, it starts with good forest management , if the wood is not FSC/PEFC certified it does not come to us. We work 95% directly with sawmills that can provide these certificates. The other 5% comes from trading companies that are FSC-certified.

For our own production, we are working towards 100% energy-neutral production. We are very alert to energy waste, where no one is, no light needs to be on. We are also proud to announce that we have stopped consuming gas. For the coming years, we are working on making our fleet entirely electric. Naturally, we would also like our suppliers to switch to electric.