Lacey Daybed

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Lacey Daybed

Lacey Day

A sturdy daybed your kids will enjoy all summer long. The bench is extra comfortable thanks to the 8 cm thick cushion
The idea for the Lacey Day design arose during a tour of Japan mixed with memories of the garden bench that stood in front of our grandmother's house.

Japanese Style
Japanese style is characterised by clean lines, square shapes and natural materials. The colours used are neutral, such as white, beige and black. But green is also a neutral colour because of Japan's love of nature. This preference is closely linked to the Japanese term "Ma". This means space, silence and emptiness.

Old school Dutch design
The sturdy backrest is pure old school Dutch design. The clean design, neutral cushion colours and black finish give the daybed the Japanese look.

Size +/-160cm
Total Height +/- 63cm


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