You don't buy an outdoor kitchen or lounge bench lightly, of course. Naturally, you are looking for the right seating comfort, excellent wood quality, beautiful accessories and good advice. In our showroom, you will find several lounge sofas with different types of cushions. When you buy a sofa online, you get a firm foam, but are you looking for a softer foam? Then come and try out our cushions in the showroom!

Over 95% of our outdoor kitchens are custom-made. We build the kitchen as you wish. Any size, built-in bbq, fridge, sink and tap is possible. We only work with A-brands; quality is our top priority. Isn't it nice to have a look at all the possibilities before you make a big purchase? We have several kitchens in our showroom. In addition, we always make a drawing first to avoid any misunderstandings.

Besides lounge sofas and outdoor kitchens, our showroom features several garden tables, coffee tables, cushions, children's furniture and many accessories. We are often asked whether a particular piece of furniture can be viewed in the showroom. We have therefore listed below which furniture can be found in the showroom. Is your furniture not listed? This selection is designed to give you a good idea of how our furniture is made and its quality. In fact, you can test out the seating comfort on any sofa.


You are welcome to visit our showroom:

Bedrijvenweg 6a
7161AJ Neede


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